Houston Engine Bay Cleaning

Clean Your Engine, Upgrade Your Drive

Dealing with dirty and greasy engine? Our Houston-based engine bay wash, degreasing, and detailing service effortlessly restores your engine’s performance and shine.

Drive Smoother with a Clean Engine

Can you imagine the engine failure of your car that is more than just your mode of transportation? Nothing is more heartbreaking than such a situation. Car lovers will definitely agree with my point on this.That’s solely because of your negligence in timely engine detailing services. 

Whether your car is brand new or has been for years, our professional engine cleaning will definitely make a difference.

Moreover, timely automobile engine maintenance is crucial not only for a good look but also for diagnosing any minor issues earlier and preventing significant repairs.

Benefits of Engine Bay Cleaning

Affordable Pricing

*Pricing adjusts according to Engine Bay condition and size.

Starting from


Our Engine Cleaning Process

Preliminary Inspection

Our engine cleaning begins with a preliminary visual inspection, identifying loose wires, damaged hoses, or fluid leaks. We Protect sensitive components like air intake, distributor, and electrical connections by covering them with plastic bags to prevent water damage.


Degreasing is the process of removing grease stains from the engine surface by applying a high-quality, non-corrosive degreaser. We allow the degreaser to settle down for a few minutes; this will break down the accumulated grease and grime. Using a soft brush, we remove the grease from the hard-to-reach areas.


We thoroughly rinse the degreaser using a low-pressure hose, ensuring all residues are washed away and paying attention to intricate components. We ensure water is not directed into sensitive areas like the air filter or electrical components.


We allow the engine to air dry or use a microfiber cloth to pat it dry. A leaf blower or compressed air can be handy for stubborn water spots. We ensure the engine is completely dry before proceeding to the next step.


We apply a high-quality engine dressing or protectant to the plastic and rubber components. This restores a lustrous finish and shields these parts from harmful UV rays and environmental elements. We avoid spraying dressing on belts or any moving parts.


Engine bay cleaning includes degreasing, washing, and detailing the engine area to remove dirt, grime, and grease, improving both appearance and function.

We recommend an engine bay cleaning annually or bi-annually, depending on your driving conditions and vehicle usage, to maintain optimal engine health.

While engine bay cleaning doesn't directly boost performance, a clean engine runs cooler and more efficiently. It also helps in spotting potential issues early, indirectly enhancing your car's performance.


Absolutely. Our professionals use safe, effective methods and products to clean your engine bay without harming any engine components or electrical systems.


The service typically takes about an hour, depending on the condition of your engine bay. This ensures thorough cleaning without rushing the job.


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