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Car looking dull? Our routine Lite detailing service in Houston to maintain your car’s shine and elegance with minimal effort.

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Refresh Your Car with
Lite Detailing

Lite car detailing focuses on thorough cleaning, restoration, and enhancement of your car’s interior and exterior components.

Unlike a Complete detailing service that’s done to make your car look ‘Brand New’, Lite Car detailing is customized specifically to address the specific issues of your vehicle.

A typical Lite car detailing service includes a Hand car wash, vacuuming and cleaning carpets, floor mats, and covers, wiping the dashboard, center console, door panels, and other hard surfaces, and polishing windows and mirrors.

Lite car detailing is like a maintenance service to keep your car in good condition.

Difference in Complete & Lite Car detailing

Time Required
Detailing Precision
Aesthetic Enhancement
Lite Car Detailing
More of a Maintenance service
Precise attention to details
HandWash, cleaning interior components, polishing interior windows and mirrors
Quick and efficient
Generally more cost-effective
Detailed attention to small components
Enhances the aesthetics and comfort of specific parts
Complete Car Detailing
Complete restoration service
Comprehensive cleaning of all surfaces
Exterior washing, waxing, interior cleaning, Shampoo, Tire Shines, Door jams
More time-consuming
Tends to be more expensive
Through detailing of all surfaces
Comprehensive improvement of overall appearance.

Affordable Pricing

Small Cars

$ 60
  • Hand wash
  • Wax
  • Shampoo
  • Interior Cleaning


$ 70
  • Hand wash
  • Wax
  • Shampoo
  • Interior Cleaning

Large Truck / SUV

$ 90
  • Hand wash
  • Wax
  • Shampoo
  • Interior Cleaning


The frequency depends on various factors such as personal usage habits, climate conditions, and individual preferences. For example, if you come back from a vacation, you can get a lite  car detailing.

Lite car detailing focuses on basic cleaning, including surfaces and upholstery. In contrast, Complete detailing is a comprehensive service covering both interior and exterior, requiring more time and investment, typically performed annually for a thorough restoration of the entire vehicle.

Lite car detailing includes handwash, vacuuming, surface cleaning, upholstery spot treatment, window and mirror cleaning, small component detailing, and odor elimination. This service is a focused and efficient solution for maintaining a clean and refreshed car condition.

To maintain a clean car after detailing, remove trash promptly, use seat covers, and avoid eating inside. Regularly vacuum, wipe surfaces, and address spills promptly. Park in shaded areas to minimize sun damage, and schedule periodic lite detailing services to maintain freshness.

The duration of car detailing depends on factors like the vehicle's size, its current condition, and the specific detailing services chosen. On average, a thorough interior and exterior detailing session may take anywhere from 2 to 6 hours.

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