Houston Headlight Restoration

Brighten Your Drive, Restore Headlights

Troubled by dim headlights? We’re here to help. Our headlight restoration service in Houstonrevives brightness and clarity for safer, clearer driving.

Restore Your Headlight's Glow

Foggy headlights can significantly impair night-time driving, posing a safety risk by reducing visibility.

Headlight restoration is crucial to brings back the clarity and brightness of your car’s headlights, enhancing both the vehicle’s appearance and your safety on the road.

This process involves removing oxidation and applying a protective sealant, ensuring your headlights shine brightly and light up the road ahead effectively. 

Choose Hollimon Auto Care for headlight restoration in Houston to improve your night-time visibility and drive safer, making it easier to navigate the city’s streets under any conditions.

Benefits of Restouring your Headlights

Affordable Pricing

*Pricing adjusts according to headlight condition and size.

Starting from


Before and After Images

restored car headlights before and after 1
restored car headlights before and after 2
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The headlight restoration process typically takes about an hour to complete, ensuring your vehicle is ready for safer driving without significant downtime.

Most headlights can be restored, but the success rate may vary depending on the material and extent of damage. Our Houston-based service evaluates each case to provide the best solution.

Our headlight restoration pricing is competitive, with rates depending on the condition and size of your headlights. The Price startes from $139, contact us for a detailed quote.

We recommend parking in shaded areas to minimize UV exposure, extending the life of your restoration. Apply wax, sealant or anything with UV protection often like once or twice in a month.

The need for headlight restoration depends on various factors, including driving conditions and exposure to elements. We suggest an evaluation every 2 years or when you notice visibility issues.

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